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10 Of the Best Social Media Marketing Courses You Can Take Today

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth in social media marketing will be 7% through 2029. This is a competitive field, and you may feel entirely confident if you take some online courses to learn how best to use social media. Also, these courses can give you an edge over other contenders. In this blog, team Digitally Global shares 10 of the best social media marketing courses available today.

Social Media Certification

Platform: HubSpot Academy

Course Fee: Free

This Social Media Certification course will teach you how to attract customers and investors, and how to build brand loyalty. This program is the key to inbound marketing.
The course is flexible enough so that you can work on it at your own pace. It covers essential topics such as measuring ROI, extending the reach, and social media content creation with a focus on how to best use these strategies to get more out of each marketing dollar spent. You might also select specific lessons from within HubSpot Academy.

Feature: Learn to create an inbound social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing

Platform: Google Digital Garage

Course Fee: Free

This has over 300,000 students and offers courses in search engine optimization. The course teaches you to develop web pages that are optimized for popular search engines. After completion of the program, Google provides a digital certificate, which you can upload to your LinkedIn profile.

Feature: Develop a better understanding of the relationship between SEO and digital marketing.

Social Ads 101

Platform: WordStream

Course Fee: Free

Word Stream’s resources help you to develop an understanding of social media advertisements. This includes information on how and why people advertise across various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, etc. In addition, there are insights into what makes good advertising practices that will help you design successful social media ad campaigns.

Also, you’ll learn about social media ad metrics and how this can be used to track and measure your success as well as target potential customers when they’re ready for purchase.

Feature: Learn all about social ads across social media platforms.

Social Media Training For Beginners

Platform: Constant Contact

Course Fee: Free

It is never too early to get started with social media marketing! Constant Contact has a great educational resource for beginners and those who are new to the world of Social Media Marketing. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to create your presence across every major social media platform, all in an easy-to-understand format.

Feature: Get started with social media marketing.

Online Social Media Marketing Classes

Platform: Skillshare

Course Fee: Free and Paid

On Skillshare, you can take classes that match your interests and learn new skills from the comfort of home. There’s a variety of business topics on this platform that you can select from.

For social media marketing specifically, there is an option to filter courses by the time it takes, tailored to users’ needs, both free and premium content on trending subjects, and more.

Feature: Specific social media marketing topic and lesson time suited to your needs.

social media marketing

Arcadium Digital Marketing Course

Platform: Arcadium

Course Fee: Free

Arcadium is an apprenticeship and mentorship program that offers a variety of courses to help you learn about digital marketing. There are several lessons within the Digital Marketing Course, which include social media marketing, paid advertising, email marketing – even SEO and content marketing.

Feature: A better understanding of digital marketing along with an apprenticeship to gain real-world experience.

Social Media 101 Training

Platform: Boot Camp Digital

Course Fee: $97

Social Media 101 Training by Boot Camp Digital is an intense, video training that takes you into the basics of digital marketing and using the same for social media. This beginner’s level course can be completed in six hours with unlimited access given once purchased – providing buyers all they need to get started! It includes benchmarks for ROI information on social media campaigns as well as a bonus round of digital tools.

Feature: You can learn about digital marketing and work through a comprehensive section on social media strategy.

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing, Social Media, And E-Commerce

Platform: Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

Course Fee: $585

Wharton’s course is the intersection of digital marketing, social media, and eCommerce. It demands three hours each week with an emphasis on self-paced learning for professionals who want to know how best to utilize these strategies in their businesses or careers.

Feature: Digital marketing course for professionals.

The Strategy Of Content Marketing

Platform: University of California, Davis

Course Fee: Enroll for free

The University of California, Davis offers an online class to help you learn how to create a content marketing strategy and develop your understanding of running one. Ample time is spent reviewing different types of strategies as well as their importance during social media campaigns; five weeks’ worth of materials paired with videos, exercises, readings, and quizzes make up this comprehensive study guide.

Feature: Learn to integrate social media marketing and content marketing strategies for a powerful impact.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Platform: Udemy

Course Fee: $149.99

Udemy’s Masterclass on Social Media Marketing will teach you how to set up a powerful marketing strategy and schedule that aligns with accomplishing business goals. You’ll also dive into social media marketing techniques, and email campaigns for customers or leads alike – all centered around ethical digital strategies! This course can be completed in 20 hours with an end certificate of completion at its conclusion.

Feature: Learn to build a social media marketing strategy and schedule for business.

Social media marketing can be incredibly powerful when done right, but it takes understanding and application of the most current strategies. Understanding what works best for your goals will help you stand out from other social media marketers; so identify the right course for your experience level, budget, and goals and start learning.

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