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3 Steps To Survive Digital Darwinism In Marketing

When too much technology, society, and consumer behavior evolves at a faster rate than what your company can adapt to; you run the risk of going extinct.

It’s no secret that companies are scrambling to make themselves relevant in the new digital age. Innovations like 3D printing augmented reality and virtual reality have made a whole world of possibilities available for business owners who know how to take advantage of them. It is time all businesses catch up with their competition so they can survive these changing times. The survivors will be those who adapt quickly and understand that digital is now a way of human communication instead of just an additional marketing channel. Digital has become the new medium for humans to communicate.

Marketing is constantly evolving. The landscape changes, and it’s only getting more complicated in the coming years. This means you have to stay on top of what’s new or else your company will be left behind at best, extinct at worst! So what can you do today from going extinct? Here are our solutions:

Stop Treating Digital Marketing Exclusively

As digital marketing becomes more and more ubiquitous, companies need to start thinking of it as an extension rather than a separate channel. It’s not enough just to allocate some budget towards the newest, hottest platform – companies have to invest in their online presence or they will be left behind. If you find it difficult to do the same all by yourself, we are here to help!

Surviving Digital Darwinism will require dramatic changes to your business’s philosophy, models, and systems. Why? Because people are living in a world where they use many channels throughout the day to do things like commuting on their way to work or checking social media while grocery shopping.

To keep up with today’s consumers, adaptive companies focus on developing a cohesive communication strategy that engages and excites customers no matter where they’re experiencing the brand.

ACT TODAY: Tear down platform borders and build your marketing campaigns around great content, imagery, and experiences that translate well to any channel. Develop creative multi-channel campaigns which use the combined strengths of each platform to put out a unified message across all channels at once – for instance: you could take advantage of Twitter or Instagram’s engaging features by sharing event updates about an upcoming in-store appearance.

Pay Heed To Consumers’ Needs

It’s a mistake that companies often make to jump into the digital realm with assumptions. The approach of simply pumping out content with their brand name on it completely fails because people are not there for being sold to, they’re rather looking for an experience and be part of the community. More than technology, digital marketing is about people.

Tapping into what your customers are after and delivering exactly that is going to be the key component in outdoing your competition.

ACT TODAY: One of the most important things you can do as a small business is keeping your customers happy. Listen to what they want, use digital analytics and social listening to find out how people are reacting in real-time, respond quickly with something new for them before their needs go unmet elsewhere. This may sound like a tedious task to you, but you always have the option to get help from the best digital marketing services provider.

Digital-darwinism-in marketing

Return On Experience Matters The Most

Tracking return on investment is smart, but focusing on ROE will really set you apart.

ROE puts the spotlight on what actually matters: are customers enjoying their experience with your brand? Are they enjoying the content you’re creating and is it consistent across all mediums, regardless of how people encounter or consume it? When two brands are competing for survival, one that gives consumers a great customer experience will be victorious.

ACT TODAY: The best way to make your customers happy is by paying attention to their wants and needs. We’ve found that the most successful businesses focus on customer experience, not vanity metrics like ROI or LTV. For a business success story to survive through generations of entrepreneurship, it must have excellent user experiences with no friction whatsoever at any point along its journey from marketing touch point all the way up until they receive what they bought at checkout; then happiness ensues!

Digital is here, and it’s making marketing a whole new ball game. The specific strategy given to the client six months ago will be different today because of all this change going on in technology – we’ll have entirely new platforms by then! Your strategies can evolve with these changes too.

Brands that are unable to keep up with the latest trends will quickly become obsolete. For a brand to stay relevant in today’s marketplace, it needs to think about its audience and its future desires as well.



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