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6 Types Of Modern Day Sales Pitch To Understand & Learn From

A sales pitch should be quick, to the point and attention-grabbing. A successful one will keep your audience in mind while focusing on what you have for them or want from them. Learn from our experts at Digitally Global, about the different types of a sales pitches.

What Is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch might be a little old school, but the concept is not. At its core, a sales pitch is just trying to explain your product or service’s value to the buyer. Call it what you will, but educating prospects on an offering’s worth remains central in any type of sale. The thing that has gone out of style is long and boring pitches where all they do is talk about their products without ever giving any information for how it would specifically help customers.

Twitter has effectively shortened our attention spans to 280 characters or less. If buyers can find the time to hear your sales pitch at all, it had better be compelling and not a waste of their precious minutes! In his book – ”To Sell is Human”, Daniel Pink presents six types of modern-day pitches that act as updates for the classic elevator pitch:

Translate your product’s value proposition into each one of these formats so you can whip out one when appropriate.


Types Of Sales Pitch

The One-Word Sales Pitch

With the power of a single word, you can take complete command. Consider boiling your entire presentation down to one word and making it powerful enough that when people hear or think about what you offer they utter this word with no hesitation – “forward.” In 2012 President Obama used his reelection campaign as an example of how effective just having one simple message is.

The Question Sales Pitch

This one should only be used when you’re confident that your buyer either somewhat or completely understands the value of your product, and if they don’t then it’s time to educate them! Instead of phrasing your pitch as a statement, reformulate it as a question. Question pitches prompt people to come up with their reasons for agreeing (or not). When people believe something due to reasons, they become more likely to act on it. This is the upside. But if prospects aren’t convinced about an offer’s value, asking them questions might invite additional scrutiny rather than move towards agreement like expected.

The Rhyming Sales Pitch

Scientists have found that the tone of voice affects how we process what we hear. Rhymes boost our processing fluency, which makes it easier to understand and pay attention to stimuli in conversation or a presentation. And this has a surprising effect: Studies have found that rhyming statements are perceived to be more accurate than non-rhyming ones even when both options convey the same message. Before you dismiss rhymes as child’s play, take into consideration that a simple couplet could mean making or breaking your deal for business success!


The Subject Line Sales Pitch

Are you ready to up your game and become a master of crafting intriguing email subject lines? All it takes is three principles, utility, curiosity, and specificity. However if one were to add elements from each into the same sales pitch or header then they would not be as effective in triggering customers’ interests. Instead, create two separate messages with layers in both areas. You know the prospect is in a hurry, or they are buried under information from other vendors and stakeholders, it’s best to start with something more lively. But if this person seems like they’re just starting on their buying journey then go slowly because that way we can make sure to show them everything there is for sale at your company.

The Twitter Sales Pitch

Tweeting is an exercise in clarity and brevity. What would your sales pitch sound like if you only had 140 characters to work with? Formulating a Twitter pitch forces you to think critically and creatively about the main highlights of your offering. It can also help you trim the unnecessary fat from your sales presentation, but make sure it’s easy for prospects to understand what they’re getting into.

The Pixar Sales Pitch

Pixar has a way of creating not just stunning visuals, but stories that resonate with children and adults alike. Pixar movies range from robots to sea life to talking toys, each of which has an engaging storyline. So when you’re pitching your product or service make sure the story sticks in people’s heads better than any dry recitation of facts can ever do.

A sales pitch is like a magic spell. The more you practice it, the better you become. Practice with friends and colleagues until your voice has just the right tone to make someone want whatever product or service you have to offer!



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