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Content Curation

Content Curation Tools For Today’s Marketers

Content Curation

Content curation is the act of finding material that your audience will find most valuable from a variety of sources and strategically sharing it on your social media channels.

You could write an article about some recent developments in technology, for example; you would have researched them to make sure they were relevant enough to be included then share links to resources where people can learn more if they’re interested.

Benefits Of Content Curation

One of the best parts about content curation is that it adds value to your audience. There’s so much information out there today and most consumers don’t have time in sifting through hours of content – this is where you come in and contribute. You can scour for what matters most to them: find the topics they care about more than anything else, then present all their favorite material wrapped up in various forms as preferred by your audience.

When you deliver great content, your audience starts to trust and see you as a thought leader. Furthermore, when in doubt, curate the latest content from other industry experts. It is easier than starting to write from scratch. For a better understanding of the Guide to content marketing.


Characteristics Of a Successful Content Curator

Personal Touch

A content curator enhances the beauty and value of his content by adding a personal touch. Personalized content creates a type of bond between curator and reader that link aggregators can’t quite as much.

Building Value

No matter the industry, your customers want to keep up with what’s going on and save time. That’s why content curation is a huge opportunity for brands to build trust by delivering an experience that saves their audience time in getting all of the information they need.

Offset Promotional Content

Today, customers have a relationship with brands that goes beyond products or features. This means an inbound marketing strategy is crucial to success as the product may not always be what initially attracts consumers to a specific brand; keeping them around for something else like great content or remarkable service.


Time Management

Do you know that the hard part is just beginning once you’ve decided to curate content? While bookmarking and reading lists might work in the beginning, they are not sustainable options later on.

There are tools specifically designed for gathering content, and sifting through it all so you can have what’s best for your audience. Here’s Digitally Global’s list of the best content curation tools by expertise level:

Level 1: Beginners

you want to build your curatorial content strategy, check out these free tools that will help make it easy and profitable.


Flipboard is a mobile and desktop app that allows you to create mini-magazines with links to your favorite news stories, blog posts, and websites.

After creating these magazines, you can open them up to the public so consumers can follow your content or share it on social media networks.

To start using Flipboard, all you need to do is download the app and create an account. You can also wander through other people’s magazines or make your own with a quick tap.


Pocket is a great way to get into the habit of accruing content to save and read later. Instead of keeping lists or emails full of links, it stores all your chosen images, articles, and videos in one place for reference. You can group articles with tags making them easier to find when you need them but even without tagging, they’re easy enough thanks to its search functionality that integrates 500 other apps like Ever note – syncing made simple.

And as a bonus, Pocket tweets out their @PocketHits for the most-saved articles on their platform – it’s like having your magazine delivered straight to you every day.


Content collection from various websites and sharing them in a presentable way is the key to successful marketing. Link. io allows marketers, bloggers, journalists, or anyone with information they want to share on social media the ability to save links anywhere on the go and turn your favorite articles into beautiful posts that can be shared instantly for free!

You can convert links into web pages and embed them on your website or send them as a newsletter. They have 30+ templates that you can customize to match the mood of any content, plus over 80,000 users worldwide mean this tool is top-notch when it comes to fast results with beautiful presentation.


Twitter is a great place to follow the latest news, but it can be hard to keep up with if you don’t organize who you’re following. That’s where Twitter lists come in handy. If certain types of tweets interest your specific needs, like marketing content or articles about email trends and whatnot, then try creating lists for these topics so they’ll all show up on one page! It also makes them easy to share with others when needed – plus people can search through public list feeds from other users too.

While using Pocket, you can save links directly into your profile without needing any extra steps.



Keeping up with industry newsletters is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends. And if there isn’t one in your specific niche, that’s just an opportunity for you to start yours.

Level 2: Intermediate

You’ve got the basics covered and you’re looking for something more? Look no further than these awesome sources.


Scoop. it – a nexus of content curation and social media, with an interface reminiscent of that of Pinterest. Start by taking your interests as the subject matter for Scoop’s search engine; it’ll then generate articles from some of the top sources around on those topics which you can read and share.


If you’re looking for a tool that will help aggregate all of your content in one place, Feedly is the way to go. This awesome app leverages AI technology so it can identify what content you care about and filter out any sources you don’t want. For those who wish to make their social media browsing more efficient, Feedly is worth checking out.


You might be wondering why Sniply, a conversion platform, is on this list. You have a monthly newsletter in which you include links to articles about your industry. With the power of content curation and Sniply’s CTA placement tool for pages with popular social media share buttons like Facebook or Twitter – it can shorten those branded links so they’re easy enough to tweet out right from our site.


Quuu is the newest social media app that integrates with most major scheduling tools. It allows you to combine your content and share it on all of these platforms without having to switch back and forth between them.


UpContent is a one-stop shop for brands looking to curate content. With features like machine learning-backed recommendations and approval workflows, it’s easy to see why UpContent has become the go-to platform.


Level 3: Experts

Now we’ve got the best, most innovative enterprise-level curation software. This is perfect for companies looking to find a proven platform that can support a team of users and content curators with its advanced algorithms in finding relevant content from centralized publishing platforms.


Curata is an innovative content marketing and curation tool that helps marketers save time while finding the perfect content for their audience. Users can find, customize, and categorize sources of relevant information to distribute without manual labor from one centralized platform. Curata also comes with powerful publishing tools so users can repurpose curated content across blogs, social media accounts – even automated email campaigns. For the best content marketing service in the industry click here!

Content curation is an essential part of any marketing plan. If you’re a one-person team, the beginner and intermediate options will do it for now but as your business grows – so might the need to scale up on content curation software. Regardless of your team size, content curation needs to be one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy.

Start content curation, build trust with your audience using the same and eventually evolve into a great marketer in the process.



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