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Learn Basics To Increase Traffic To Your Website

To ensure that your website’s visitors are coming in the right door, you should remember and focus on step number one of any successful strategy: attracting them. Whether new or knowledgeable about marketing tactics, it is easy for busy marketers with other objectives such as bottom-line results or keeping up with the latest trends to forget this simple first step. By remembering every marketer’s goal from day one – seeing an increase in traffic through their website – a strong plan can be formulated which will eventually lead to success.

The key to making it a priority in your Marketing Strategy is to stop believing that generating traffic is impossible. Increasing website traffic and visitors isn’t like playing roulette — there are tried-and-true ways people do it! To make sure you’re in the know on these tips, we’ve broken down some of the best ways that will help generate more website traffic using this guide below:

Optimizing Your Website For Your Audience

When you hear the term “SEO” or “search engine optimization,” who do you think that implies should be optimizing their site for? Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s not searching engines. Great websites aren’t optimized for search engines — they’re optimized for the people using them.

But here’s the good news: Search Engines consider sites to be fully optimized if they are also optimized by those visiting them to find what is being searched.” So optimizing your website based on how visitors come across as well as searching will kill two birds with one stone and simultaneously optimize both of these factors.

The best way to design a website that will be successful and get visitors is by thinking about the searchers themselves. What do they want? How can you help them better than anyone else in their search for what they are looking for? If your site or content provides these things, then it has an advantage over other sites because people who use Google’s Web Search Engine (Google) can determine how high up on its list of results any given web page should rank.

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Create Content With Keywords

Your keywords are like bridges. They’re the reason anonymous searchers can get to your website but for them to make it across those bridges and visit, they have been interested in what’s behind that search listing.

For those of you who are looking to attract more visitors, make sure that they know your personas. It’s important for content creators like us to understand the problems our potential customers face and what their goals are so we can best serve them with helpful solutions. If people find a solution on the internet based on keywords focused on these things, then there is an increased chance that they will visit your site as well.

Your Website Need To Be Cognitively Fluent

You head to Google and type the phrase “patent lawyers Boston MA” in the search bar. You know, because that’s where you’re from!

Before you click “search,” stop. What do you imagine those patent lawyers’ websites will look like? The picture in your head probably isn’t one of a cluttered site outfitted with neon colors and fun fonts. Instead, when imagining what an effective, trustworthy-looking page might contain more muted tones are used instead of garish ones; clean type is favored over distressed letters that have been outlined using some sort of funky font designs or patterns.; and opportunities to explore different services offered–probably coming to mind before anything else.

From your initial conception of what a patent lawyer’s website should look like, it is no surprise to see that the actual websites are not too different from this. The concept of cognitive fluency explains this phenomenon where sites with more traffic will have an experience similar to visitors’ ideas about how they “should” be looked at and these days, many people expect their lawyers’ sites to resemble other business or enterprise websites.

The techniques behind why you chose one attorney over another during the process can now be explained by Cognitive Fluency–visitors will always come back for some reason before leaving if there isn’t anything wrong with them!

A simple fix to improve the cognitive fluency of your site is to ask your personas (usually your current customers) what they’d expect to see on a site like yours. What style and formatting do they expect? What content should be front-and-center? Then, if you don’t match their wishes, it might very well be time for additional website optimization strategies.

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Write Blog Posts Answering Your Reader’s Queries

With the world becoming more and more digitalized, it’s important to have a blog that can be one of your top tools in attracting new visitors or potential customers. Just like you should optimize all your website pages around keywords people are searching for, you should do similar things with blog posts. What questions does your buyer persona typically ask? The problems do they search for without help on the Internet? These topics will become some of their most frequently asked questions when utilizing this tool as well.

To keep your website top-of-mind, you must be using the best tactics to make yourself stand out. One way of doing this is by creating blog posts specifically for each persona and answering their questions in a witty manner so that when they search these terms on Google, you will be at the front of their mind! This not only keeps people coming back as repeat visitors but also builds trust with potential buyers who need help next time around.

Create Separate Post For Relevant Keywords

A large keyword footprint is not an indication of a site’s popularity — it simply means that your website ranks for and can be associated with many different keywords. When you have more opportunities to get discovered, the likelihood increases to find consumers who are looking for what you offer!

Blog posts are a great way to help you grow your website’s presence on the web. By writing quality blog posts about keywords that pertain to your persona, search engines will be more likely to rank them higher and show up in searches for those specific terms. And because each post is considered its webpage, it also helps if you write lots of quality content so they can all have their chance at being seen!

Publish Blogs Regularly

It’s not enough to just blog about keywords that are relevant to your personas: If you want to attract visitors and drive sustained traffic, you must try blogging consistently. Blogging regularly gives search engines an incentive! They crawl the site more often – giving them opportunities of discovering new pages with greater frequency.

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Use Social Media To Answer Prospects Questions

It’s not enough to just blog about keywords that are relevant to your personas: If you want to attract visitors and drive sustained traffic, you must try blogging consistently. Blogging regularly gives search engines an incentive! They crawl the site more often – giving them opportunities of discovering new pages with greater frequency.

The in-person experience is a different world. You can’t just walk away as soon as you are uncomfortable and pretend that they never asked anything of you. The only way to remedy the situation would be to answer them, even if it was an unpleasant question or request for information!

The same concept can work on social media: If a stranger or prospect is looking for help, don’t just skim over their comment or question — engage with them! Seek out opportunities where your industry knowledge can be of assistance. Reply to social media posts and queries, but go one step further and include relevant blog articles or website pages in those responses. That way, those strangers and prospects not only get the help they were looking for from you – they end up being educated too about what your company does (and why it’s worth checking out). As long as you’re not just spamming people with links to your website — this gives everyone something helpful without annoying anyone.

Monitor Social Media For Relevant Keywords

The best way to share helpful content with strangers on social media is by monitoring their keywords. You should be able to see the words that are most important for your business – and you might even find a potential customer!

The key is to keep your ear on the ground at all times. Listen for mentions of the biggest problems that our persona faces and when you see those conversations taking place, look for opportunities to get involved — just like you would in the previous scenario with people asking questions. By listening for keywords or phrases which are important topics pertaining specifically back to us as a business, we can contribute our two cents (and content) right where they need it most: through social media!

To attract the right personas to your site, you should use these simple strategies. Once they visit your website and find what they need there, it’s only a matter of time before you convert them into leads that will buy from you again in the future.



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