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Learn Everything About Scheduling Instagram Posts

Instagram is a great platform to generate engagement, brand awareness, and referral traffic. However, it can be hard for you or your team members if they are constantly on their phones posting at the exact time of day that maximizes audience engagement.

You may also have other things going on throughout the workday that need to take precedence over opening Instagram and clicking “Post” for your content. This is where scheduling software comes into play because they let you plan out posts in advance so all of them don’t go up at midnight while I’m sleeping.

Instagram Post Scheduling Software

Instagram’s API lets users of marketing tools schedule Instagram posts in advance. In other words, if you use social media scheduling software, you can upload your content and choose when it goes live on Instagram so that the post is up without lifting another finger- leaving more time to do what matters most for yourself or your business! Here are a few handy options worth considering:

Instagram post


With HubSpot’s Social Media tool, you can schedule and publish social posts to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn from within the app. From there it is easy to edit your post or add @mentions by using a simple interface that allows for tagging other accounts and users.


Later is a social media post scheduler for Instagram. It includes the ability to drag-and-drop posts, publish them automatically on your account’s business profile and link all of those posts with product pages from Linkin.


Tailwind is a social media scheduler and smart assistant platform specifically for Instagram. It allows small businesses to quickly personalize their posts with bulk image uploading, hashtags set up by the tool, or tag suggestions that are generated from users who have similar interests as you so they can better reach your desired audience. Tailwind also offers features like visual planning of post-scheduled grid to preview what will be seen on one’s profile before posting – all while being user-friendly.


Buffer is great for those who need to manage multiple social media accounts and want a one-stop solution with the ability to post across six platforms.

Sked Social

Sked Social is an Instagram scheduling and auto-posting tool that lets you plan to automatically post your stories, whether they’re photo or video stories. You can schedule them using the app on iOS or Android so you never have to intervene in reminding yourself when it’s time for another social media update.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is the perfect social media management tool for any small business that wants to use all of its resources wisely. It has a content calendar allowing you to post your posts and then measuring different engagement metrics once live, thus helping you identify unique trends across the rest of your marketing strategy for brands on platforms like Instagram.


Loomly is a brand success platform with content management and social media publishing features. Schedule your posts in advance, there are automated scheduling options for multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google Plus; they also offer Automated Instagram Ads (and Facebook Ad) Publishing.

With this new platform, you can easily manage your organic and paid social media content. You get notifications whenever one of the team members works on a piece of social content so that it’s easy to collaborate with everyone in real-time! The tool provides recommendations for posts as well based on trends/events or holidays according to best practices for each network.

Steps To Schedule Instagram Posts (With HubSpot)

Get Admin Access To Your Facebook Business Page

Instagram and Facebook might be separate accounts to you personally, but businesses that want to automate their Instagram posting schedule will need a unique username and password from your business’s social media account. So head over to the Business landing page on Instagram if you haven’t already set up an account for automation.

Instagram post

Switch To Your Business Profile On The Instagram App And Connect The Same To Facebook

You can manage your personal and business Instagram accounts from the app, but keep in mind you’ll need an Instagram Business account to schedule Instagram posts. To do this, navigate to your profile on mobile then tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. On the next page select “Switch Profile.” Under “Settings”, select “Linked Accounts.” Here’s where you can link your two accounts together. You might be asked to log in with Facebook, at which point you’ll enter your business account’s username and password or choose the option of continuing as yourself.

Open Hubspot, Use The “Social” Tool, And Integrate Your Instagram Profile

Now that your Instagram profile is merged with Facebook, you’re ready to use a post scheduler. As mentioned for our purposes we’ll be using HubSpot’s Social tool and quickly integrate it into the process of posting on Instagram. Open up Hubspot Marketing Tool and click “Settings” > “Marketing” > “Social Tools.” From here select Connect Account option which will lead us through an easy sign-in procedure here, at first all we need to enter some basic details like name, email address, etc. As soon as completed one step further there comes another stop when selecting from the two options – either connecting via Facebook or Instagram account by clicking onto their respective prompts.

Create Your First Social Post For Instagram

Now that your Instagram account is integrated into HubSpot, you’ll see an option to “Create social post” in your HubSpot dashboard. Once clicked on, the icons for which social network will allow you to start composing a new blog post with great ease! Selecting the Instagram icon allows one’s first posts of any kind within this platform and makes them look their best through previews before posting.

Compose a Message With Desired Visual Assets, Captions, And Hashtags

Customize your Instagram post and upload an image using the landscape icons on the bottom left-hand corner of this white text field. Then, caption it with a witty comment or two that will hopefully bring some more followers to you.

Instagram post

Set Date And Time

Just above the photo that you’re posting, you’ll see a field where you can add the date and time that your post will be scheduled to go live. Use this field to set the exact date and time you want your post to automatically go live on your Instagram profile.

Preview Your Post

Check for any grammatical errors, intended hashtag inclusion, check images and be ready to schedule the post.

Click “Schedule Message”

Got any more Instagram posts planned? Draft them now and schedule all of them at the same time — with HubSpot, you can bulk-schedule your social content.

Now that you are well versed with scheduling posts for Instagram, create a plan to ensure smooth workflow and efficient content management, for your audience, on time!



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