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The Complete Guide To Lifestyle Marketing

What Is Lifestyle Marketing?

A marketing technique that positions the product or service to possess ideals, aspirations, and aesthetics that a target audience can identify with is defined as lifestyle marketing. In other words, lifestyle marketing includes brands that touch and change our lives. They are immersive, and encapsulate their customers’ ideas or values, and fit seamlessly into the consumer’s life. 

Lifestyle marketing is selling an idea. For example, Nike sells shoes. But, what makes them unique is, that it’s a brand that is recognized as creating an impact on the lifestyle of the people, more specifically athletes. This brand empowers and enlightens the athlete inside everyone.

What makes these brands even better than the rest is, “specific food’, products, and apparel that connects us with our vision of ourselves. 

Nike has now set a standard for its fans. Its products have become a way of living for the customer base. They eat, live, breathe and sweat the brand’s ideals from the core of their heart.

Lifestyle Marketing Criteria

Different marketing techniques have different criteria. Lifestyle marketing is also based on certain criteria of its own.

Let’s understand them to know about it in-depth:


Defining Your Market

Deeply understand your market. The demographics and psychographics of the market are essential to understanding how much the idea of lifestyle marketing flourishes. The other important points are the habits, skills, and hobbies of the audience. If you have chosen lifestyle marketing, be curious about why your customers will be interested in your brand. What is it that will make them choose your brand, and what are their goals? 

Lifestyle marketing brands will dissect every aspect of their audience until they know exactly what makes them work in the market.

Know Where Your Audience Gets Their Information

If you have no clue where you might find the right audience for your market, it is not worth marketing for it. Age, financial status, and relationship status are what deters where your audience gets their information from. Try knowing if your target audience drives around and looks at the billboards and if they use popular applications. These will help you to know which channels make the most sense for your brand. 

Positioning Your Brand For Success

In this digital age, if you decide to position your brand on a larger scale, it takes into account your audience and their habits. This reflects that you are aware of your brand, what it offers to the people, and who all are its competitors. Therefore,  we can say, “brand positioning”  is directly linked to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity, and the willingness to purchase the brand. All of these contribute to successful lifestyle-based marketing.

Why Does Lifestyle Marketing Matter?

On average people might not think about why a brand creates a difference to specific audiences and what creates brand loyalty. But, even while you are reading this blog, you know, that creating a brand as immersive as lifestyle, is time-consuming. 

The reason lifestyle marketing matters is because brands play a major role in the thought process of nurturing the psyche of the audience. For over a long time now, some institutional structures have failed as well, like low church attendance and marriage rates going down. Hence, in these cases, it’s certain brands that create meaning in our lives- and it then becomes the responsibility of the marketers to fulfill it.

Lifestyle brands are also loyalty inspiring. They constantly, and consistently earn the respect of the consumers by meeting up to their needs and demands, contributing to self-actualization, and filling up the void of what has lost its value in the market or society. 

And, from a marketing perspective, lifestyle marketing is very effective and “works on a much deeper level than traditional advertising.” 


How To Do It Effectively?

The process of lifestyle marketing is a conscious choice that needs to be made early on, as the process takes years of careful cultivation, authenticity, transparency, and some very intentional marketing choices. 

Beneath are some important pointers that help you practice lifestyle marketing, by embedding the lifestyle you want people to adapt throughout the whole identity.

Here are a few steps that can help push you in the right direction.

Live Your Brand Story

Make sure your brand has its own unique story. It should give the target audience a goal-oriented lifestyle that they can adapt to. This means the idea or storyline should have reasons convincing enough and resonate with their hobbies, habits, and how they want it to be. Lifestyle marketers should only proceed with their genuine idea to be sold, only if they believe and are passionate about what they are offering. This could be irrespective of achieving personal fitness, or goals or living a natural life.  And, staying honest about it, is above all. 

Build Your Following

You can build your number of ‘following”, only if you have the answers to these questions below:

  1. Can you define your audience?
  2. Have you understood your audience?
  3. Have you immersed yourself with your audience to know them?

After you jot down the answers to the above questions, you will automatically build a strong and loyal network of followers.

Here, the role played by social media posts that are posted on the digital media platforms at the right time is crucial. 

Another way to do this is, consistently and regularly write editorial posts, and have online magazines and other touchpoints where your ideal audience is ready. 

Make sure to add some fun to keep your audience engaged with your blogs or e-magazines.


Offer Something Invaluable

Offering something of value to the audience here depends upon what type of brand you are marketing. But, when it is about offering something invaluable, it doesn’t necessarily mean, you are selling the greatest invention on the planet. This emphasizes more on your product or service that provides value to the consumers, is fresh, inviting, and equally convenient. 

This includes turning an existing concept into a new trend or if you are a culture creator, take up something mundane and change it into something of value to society and your target audience.

But, whether your brand is working with a forgotten category or one very much alive, the idea is to offer something that your audience doesn’t want to live without. 

Incorporate Your Brand Everywhere

Avoid nagging and pestering your audience to adapt your lifestyle brand. That kills the authenticity and its individuality.

But, collaborating and integrating your brand or product with multiple aspects of the lives of a niche audience is something that you should consistently try to work on.

Smaller Tips:

  • Offer value to your audience on social media, after they have purchased your product.
  • Show genuine respect and interest in their lives by following them back on social media and attending to them over conversations on digital platforms.

These automatically add weight to your product and help you develop a relationship with your customers. The result should be, to have the audience purchase with you in just one of the many steps in their brand journey.

Some of the brands that are known for their excellent lifestyle marketing are: Harley Davidson, Mark, and Spencer, Burt’s Bee

The Concluding Line Is: Some Brands Are a Way Of Life, But Why?

The brands that we are always surrounded with, automatically start getting identified with our character. It determines who we are and our choices. When pursuing lifestyle marketing, you have to make sure that your brand gets the audiences they have always wanted to.  It should fully support their goals and offer something of value to their life. 

The result or goal of your brand has to keep the audience coming back to you for more and only more!



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