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Tried, Tested, And Effective Ways To Grow Your Email List

As a marketer, you know the importance of constantly adding fresh contacts to your email lists so that you can continue generating growth. But purchasing emails is not always the best way to go about this and there are other ways! In this post, team Digitally Global discovers high-quality strategies for growing your list to keep it large and full of eager subscribers who will be likely to make purchases from time to time which contributes greatly towards business success.

Defining An Email List

An email list is a collection of addresses that allow your business to connect with more customers.

The list-building game just got a whole lot more interesting with the release of new, creative ways to grow your email subscriber base. By allowing people to opt-in for additional emails from your company to keep them interested and engaged during the process, there are plenty of options available. Check out some of these methods below:

Email list

Grow Your Email List With Emails

Unique Content Creation

If you want to retain your current subscribers and have them help you grow, create content that is entertaining, informative, and valuable. If they enjoy the emails enough then it will be more likely for recipients to forward these items onto their networks which helps gain exposure with additional subscribers.

Ensure Your Consumers Share Your Email

Including social sharing buttons and an “Email to a Friend” button on your marketing emails will help you gain access to recipients’ friends, colleagues, and networks. Not only that, at the bottom of your email include a “Subscribe” CTA as text-based links so people receiving forwarded emails can easily opt-in too.

Categorize Your Email List With The Buyer’s Persona

Email subscribers are more likely to click through emails that cater to their specific interests, so using varying types of email subscriptions is worth considering. If you can create multiple targeted subscriber types for your audience, then they will increase the chance that visitors would subscribe to one of them – In fact, marketers who used segmented campaigns noted as much a 760% revenue boost!

Revitalize Your Stale Email List With An Opt-In Campaign

Old and inactive contacts have a reputation for being icky, but you can make them clean again with this simple trick – Create an engaging opt-in message and send it to your old list. If they do not want to be on the mailing list anymore, just remove that contact from their database so he or they will no longer receive emails in the future.

Adding Opt-In Link To Employee’s Signature

You can use hyperlinked email signatures to convert potential customers into loyal subscribers. If you’re already in a natural conversation with them, it’s just an easy next step for the customer to subscribe and unsubscribe from your newsletters as they see fit!

Grow Your Email List With Fresh Content

Create a New Lead-Generation Offer

To get ahead in the competitive world, you need something that will cut through all of the noise and stand out from your competition. Do you want people’s attention but not their money? Try this: Offer them a free ebook when they give up their email!

Create Free Online Resources Requiring Sign Up

Free online tools make your users’ lives easier, especially if all they have to do is sign up with their email address. For example, there are quite a few free tools like Website Grader and Keyword Alerts that gather emails while providing valuable information at the same time; all you need is an account!

Create Bonus Content

Not all gated content is worth it. Sometimes, to gain their interest you need to give them free content first. You can begin with a blog post that offers beginner advice on the subject and then offer additional bonus content with more advanced tips by submitting their email address through a landing page.

Email list

Grow Your Email List With Social Media

Create An Online Contest

Host a giveaway on your social media accounts to entice followers and increase engagement. Ask for their email addresses in the process, so you can contact them again with future offers.

Start a Lead generation Offer On Twitter

Create the perfect campaign for your followers to help promote an ebook or free resource that requires using their email address.

Use Pinterest To promote visual content

Pinterest is a great platform for promoting your visual content. You can let users sign up to see more of it and they’ll be eager about what you’re offering.

Grow Your Email List With Facebook

Make Your Email Newsletter The Theme Of Your Profile Cover Photo

Your Facebook profile cover photos are an excellent place to share the value of your email newsletter. If you create a high-quality graphic that highlights and calls attention to its benefits, people will be tempted enough by its allure so they can sign up for free updates from you without any more effort on their end.

Add a Call-To-Action Button To The Top Of Your Business’s Facebook Page

The value of this list-building technique is in the destination. Add a CTA button to your Facebook page that links users to your sign-up landing page or gated featured resource.

Sharing Newsletter Previews On Your Profile

The best way to make your Facebook posts stand out is by creating a unique and engaging newsletter that people will want to read. It’s easy too! All you have to do is pick one of their services, set up an account with them, and start publishing on the regular so they can help build your following.

Promote Content Through Facebook That Requires An Email Address To Access

It’s important to make your visitors feel like they’re a part of the experience, so be sure to add social sharing buttons on both landing and thank-you pages. This will encourage more people in their networks to share with others too.

Grow Your Email List Through Youtube

Make Your YouTube Videos Engaging

End screens, also called video outros, are a tool that YouTube offers creators to direct viewers to take additional action after finishing a video. As they are used for generating further engagement from your viewers it’s worth considering adding hyperlinks to your sign-up landing page in your end cards. The benefit of this tip is if you have created an informative and mostly surface-level contented video then the more advanced views will be provided either through a gated offer or email newsletter.

Use Header And Images To Promote Your Email newsletter

The best way to capture leads is by placing a link to your sign-up landing page in your channel header. This image is front and center on your profile, so if you want prospective customers to check out what they have the chance of winning or just getting captivated with an eye-catching banner that’s well designed, it will call attention to their content offer which places this CTA link right under their direct line of sight.

Promote Emails In The Video Description

Your Youtube video descriptions talk about the content within your videos, so viewers know what they’re about to watch. Each of your descriptions will likely contain unique elements, but it’s worth plugging your email sign-up landing page link within each of them.

This tip can be especially useful if you create how-to style videos and entice users to sign up for more informative content by clicking on a link in their description!

Grow Your Email List Through Instagram

Add a Call To Action To Your Instagram Bio

A great way to increase your social media following is through Instagram. A good bio includes a call-to-action, like an email list sign-up form or links to content on other sites that you want people to view more of. It’s also important for the text in these CTAs to be enticing as well as informative so they don’t close it and forget about signing up!

Share Posts That Lead Users To Click The Call-To-Action Email Link In Your Bio

While you may not share posts that outright say “Give us your email,” you can certainly see success from sharing posts that entice users to sign up. For example, if a video of yours offers tips on how to use one of your products and the user is interested in learning more about it, they would be eager to give their contact info so as not to miss out on future content related specifically for them!

Use The Swipe-Up Feature To Share Your Landing Page

Instagram has announced a new feature that allows for links in Stories. The clickable link only displays if you have 10K or more followers, so it doesn’t affect the majority of Instagram users with less than this amount. This is an excellent opportunity to share your sign-up page and any offers on your site where they can get something free by collecting their email address.

Add An Email Button To Your Business Profile

Having a dedicated email button on your business page will help customers get in touch with you more easily. They must know how to use it too, so make sure the call-to-action is obvious and easy for them to find!

Grow Your Email Listing With Linkedin

Send Readers To a Landing Page For Email Sign-Up

After having conversations on LinkedIn, you can share links to your sign-up pages. You’re allowing users to continue the interaction you’ve just had, as your email will provide them with further high-quality information and content related to your business. 

You can send these links in InMail messages, comment threads, or personal 1:1 direct messages for continued engagement that’s not one-sided!

Post About Your Email Newsletter

Re-posting content from your email newsletter on LinkedIn is a great way to give readers some of the flavors before they sign up for future newsletters.

Publish Links To Gated Offers

When you share a post on LinkedIn that contains high-quality information your audience can benefit from, round it out by encouraging users to sign up for your email list. If what you’ve said has resonated with them, they’ll recognize that receiving emails from you will give them additional access to the high-quality content we offer in addition to everything else and be more likely to follow through.

Grow Your Email List With Your Website

Ask Website Visitors For Feedback

Not everyone is a fan of giving feedback, but those who are will be more than happy to answer any questions about your company. To incentivize visitors on the site to offer their thoughts and opinions, including an input form that asks what they think you could do better or how can you improve. The best way for them to share this information with others would be by providing their email address so that follow-up emails can reach them if necessary.

Shorten The Length Of Your Lead-Capturing Forms

Lead capturing forms with too many fields can drive people away. Reduce the length of your form to just 3-4 fields and collect more information from them later on when you start a conversation.

Link To Offers Across Your Website That Capture Email Signups

Your website is your most valuable marketing asset, so you should take advantage of the offers that are already on it. Create CTAs to link across these pages and capture email addresses from interested visitors!

A/B Test Different Campaign Copy

A/B tests different aspects of your list-building campaigns with different versions of the same content. This includes the call-to-action text, design or copy itself, and even where these signup forms are placed on your website. Sometimes a small change can drive hundreds of more conversions.

Create a Blog That Readers Can Subscribe To

It’s time to get out of the echo chamber and into the blogosphere. Some people might think it doesn’t matter if they don’t have an opinion or share content on social media, but that thought couldn’t be farther from reality! Blogs are your ticket for getting more eyes on what you do and building a reputable portfolio with ease.

Guest Blog For Other Websites And Share a Call-To-Action

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your contact list and get exposure to new audiences. When you create guest blog posts, include a CTA for readers to subscribe to your site’s newsletter or email alerts which will keep them updated on the latest news from their company!

Include Customer Reviews On Your Sign-Up Landing Pages

What could be more persuasive than your happiest customers telling people to sign up for a campaign? Customer reviews are social proof that encourages someone to join in on something and you should publish these reviews on your website, especially on landing pages with sign-up forms. Including customer reviews will add genuine value when people are considering submitting contact information because it is the most reliable way of knowing if this company or product is right for them.

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Grow Your Email List With a Partner

Run a Promotion On a Partner Website Or Email Newsletter

Partnering with other websites can expand your online reach. Use this partner website to direct new visitors right back to you, where they’ll already find the sign-up forms that are perfect for them!

Host a Co-Marketing Offer With a Partner

You might not have enough time to create content for your company because you’re too busy running the business, but what if there was a way to share that responsibility with someone else? You can split up all of this work by creating an ebook or webinar together.

Grow Your Email List With Traditional Marketing

Collect Email Addresses At a Trade Show

Offline events like trade shows are the best way to make sure that it is easier for you and your business. You can easily demo a new product at an appropriate conference, collect signups in person, import them into your contact database right after returning from an event and send off emails that confirm they’re on the list.

Host Your Own Offline, In-Person Events

Meetups, seminars, hackathons, and your conferences place you front and center of a networking event. Those who attend are often more qualified to be contacted because they came to your event. Take the opportunity to collect email addresses from attendees by offering them feedback on their business idea or product prototype; then send them an informative welcome email with information about upcoming events that may interest them.

Host An Online Webinar

Webinars are the perfect opportunity to talk about your industry and access the audience of thought leaders that you may want to present. So, what’s better than a webinar? How about one for free from an expert in your field? And not only will they teach you something new but also give you their email address so that once registration is closed; it’ll be easy as pie (pie-eating contest) getting them on board for another presentation because after all – everyone loves learning.

Add Qr Codes To Your Display Ad

Incorporate a QR code into your print marketing collateral that people can scan for more information on the printer content. You can set it so that your codes require email addresses to access additional content so you will be able to grow your list and make sales with ease.

Collect Emails In-Store

If you have a brick-and-mortar store where you interact with customers face to face, launch a store membership that they can sign up for via email at the register. You’ll want an email campaign designated just for walk-in customers because it will help keep them informed and show them your appreciation of their loyalty toward your product!

You can grow your email list by leveraging multiple strategies such as social media, blogging, and more. Contact us, to understand your requirements better.

As you increase the volume of fresh opt-ins on your list with these tactics, be sure to nurture them from time to time with offers that convert early-stage leads into sales-ready prospects!



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